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Risezonic Travels (” Risezonic Travels,” “we,” “our,” “us”) is an online service that provides users (“you”) with recommendation for hotels, resorts, motels, vacations, travel packages, travel guides, flights, vacation rentals,and lots more. Our website, mobile properties, and related applications (collectively our “website”) are part of the Risezonic travels Media Group, which is owned and operated by Risezonic LLP. By accessing our website and utilizing our services, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the Privacy Policy and the information collection and handling practices outlined in it. This Privacy Policy was last updated on 25/11/2021. We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time so please check back regularly to keep informed of any updates.

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At Risezonic Travels, we have created a community where members can read one another’s travel reviews and plan and book their perfect trips. Once in a while, someone, will try to game our system by posting a fake review, so we thought it would be helpful to share our approach, our policies, and the actions we take to identify, block, and remove fraudulent reviews.

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