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Who we are

R isezonic Travel is one of the leading business travel agencies, that has changed the future of corporate travel. Our amazing corporate travel experts provides world-class corporate travel management, full fillled by years of experience and backed by award-winning technology.

Business Travel that just....works.

That is business travel with Risezonic Travel – in a nutshell!! Using best-in market technology available through one globally consistent interface, we make bookings and managing corporate travel as smooth as your favourite cocktail!!

What we do..

You don’t just need to get from A to B. You need an effortless experience with built-in support and seamless technology
to help you along the journey. We are here to
take you places – just point the way!!

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What we believe in..

Driven by an unconventional mindset, we are out-of-the-box thinkers
dedicated to making your journey a smooth one.

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We Aren’t Afraid to Venture Off The Beaten Track.

Our challenger mindset keeps us questioning the status quo, staying focused on innovations and improvement.
What does this mean for you? A partner who isn’t complacent and works hard to give you the flexibility to do corporate travel on your own terms.
To us, fun is the challenge in finding the biggest opportunities in your travel program, so let us venture off the path most travelled and together deliver value you could only dream of.